• Client

    Coby K | San Diego

  • Work

    Touch screen user interface design

Ui design for 3d printer

User interface design for 3d printer http://robo3d.com/.

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ROBO 3D printer is a brand new technology also known as the next generation of printing technology. For this revolutionary 3D printing technology we designed an appealing and robust user interface for real time experience for users.

A UI design can make a huge difference between approval of a software or product by the users and its failure. At Bottlein we know that great User experience (UX) is not only about looking nice, it is the clever design and fine-tuning that gives you the power you need to positively impress your customers.

So for the ROBO 3D printer UI design we built a pixel perfect iconography. Software UI screens on real time user experience on touch screens. The amazing design added the blend of excellent user interactivity to the products and allowed users to interact with the device in a very easy way.

User interface design for 3d printer