We have been into the media creation, editing, and production business since 2005 and wish to create open ground for the influencers from all over India with the special focus on invitations from Punjab.

Whether you are an Influencer company or an individual, or even a fashion blogger, let us join our hands for making it co beneficial for us.

We are looking for the people in our Influencer Extension Programs who can unite the brands with their respective voices and the digital audiences all over the world and help reach the 1 million mark in terms of their followers.

Tik Tok banned in india.

Travel experiences in case of Hotel and Restaurants’ Brands.
Product Demonstrations (Cars, Mobile Phones, Bikes)
Host Promotions for the various products as well as Architectural visits in case of Hotels and sharing it with target audiences
Social Media Management (Instagram, Facebook, and Especially You Tube)

Harvinder ਸਿੰਘ

Social media Services in Chandigarh
Our aim is to create best matches for our campaigns and services with that of the influencers.
Ones who are ready to create and maintain the long term emotional relations and connections with their customers and brands and result in ripple effect on the clients’ marketing are free to contact us. This shall be great for expanding ours as well as your platform by making each brand stand unique in this Global Village.
If you have:
Identified your niche
You are famous on your platform
Already a perfectionist in your Hashtag game, and are willing to expand your work boundaries with creativity
You can be Fashion Blogger, a gym Enthusiast, a public icon on Social Media, a food blogger with huge fan base, a Social Cause promoter on Digital
Media, and then you are in the right place.

We currently work in multiple formats to reach the One million mark for our clients in terms of the data as well as Info graphics. We would love to collaborate with you through authentic content. Our campaigns may range from New Products launches such as a car or a mobile phone, product advertisements, professional photography and videography, 1 minute You Tube promotional videos, and Vlogs.

Youtuber Girl chandigarh
If you are confident enough about your efficiency, quality, and transparency for us and our clients do not hesitate to send us your portfolio and we will make sure that we mention you in our works and try our best to . Looking forward to making good long lasting connections with you which shall help us attain the marketing goals of our brands at the National and International level and achieve their respective market and audiences’ targets through you and your reach in the digital world.

Harvinder ਸਿੰਘ

Looking for influencer for your product Advertising campaign.

Launch your product online in india with our launch your product with influencer program.

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