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    Pfister Faucets

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Coffee Machine Ants

Fonts Calligraphy hand drawing english fonts in indian style.

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We helped an Arabic client in icon design for an Espresso Coffee Machine. The basic idea was to make a brilliant design that is simple yet elegant and compliments the Arab culture.

An Ant was hand drawn on paper, using the ancient Arab Calligraphy. The tiny imperfections found in handmade things gives your design something that so many others lack that is realism and authenticity.

The final design was converted into real time illustrations using the Illustrator software. Every icon is condensed in pixel-perfect design and allied to a grid to ensure that you get the best possible look is achieved. The designs has a beautiful aesthetic feel, combining retro standards and charming ant character.

Espresso Coffe Machine Ants Farsi Calligraphy.. I i draw by hand all this art work and second step i deeply created in illustration for big prints.

Espresso Ant
Espresso Ant
Espresso Ant