Watch commercial making
Sony 7RIII - Sony @6300 - Lumix S1H 6K Cenima camera Production :  Harsimranjeet Singh Project : Haldenluxury Produce : Video Commercial 1 Min Theme : Watches Collection Showcase Shoot Time : 1 Day Team : 6 Team Member Model :...
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Halden luxury commercial video
Halden luxury is the Mumbai based men's Brand making Belts and Wrist Watches. We are lucky to get a change to work on this project. The Advertising task is to make 1 min video to show 4-5 belts with the...
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Punjabi singer poster design and photography
Param’s new up coming punjabi song “Laawan” We have done photoshoot for the poster design and make poster. With the short time, no planing for this photoshoot and results are good. Location chandiagrh. Singer Param
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Frozen food product video commercial
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Short and long video Commercial advertisment for the food theme. We made both TV – youtube – Social media Ads. This will be the series of Advertisments for this client. Client : Canada.  
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Fashion Clothing Branding and Portfolio photographer
Whether you are selling school uniforms or party wear intricate gowns, your clothing brand needs perfect advertising for boosting your clothing brand. And, to fulfill your deepest desires of seeing your clothing brand become the best and the most famous among your...
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