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Product Branding – Tell Your Brands Story

When you hear the term “branding” what first pops into your mind is mental image of a rancher searing his mark into his cattle’s hide. Don’t worry the product branding is not quite that painful, however it trails along the same principle. You want to “burn” into the consumer’s mind the image of your brand.
While putting it in a more simple way product branding is the way a product interacts with its customers through logo, design and messaging. It’s not easy to get satisfaction with one product branding definition because branding elicits an emotional connection in customers. If it’s done in a right way product branding can be maintained and produce a firm, well-connected connection throughout the life of the product.
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Are Logo’s and Brands the same?

Some instances of recognizable brands in world like the elegant L-oval of Lexus, red, white and blue “smiling” Pepsi logo, and the golden arches of McDonalds. These icons represent recognised and emblazoned images in our minds.

Some may call the above-mentioned examples-logos while others would refer them as corporate brands. So what’s the difference? Logos are an image or symbol that represents a place, person or thing and is used as an identifier of a product or service in most cases. It can be associated to an individual’s “signature.”

While Brands, on the other hand, would be like an individual’s “personality” – it’s who you are, what you are about and what you value. A company’s brand is really no different, it is literally the personality of the company, it manifests the character of the owner, board of directors, shareholders or even the corporate culture.

Branding takes time, it’s something which could not be easily obtained overnight. Even the advertising Gurus are incapable of making it happen. And it takes repetitive exposure to obtain success. Logos, the visual symbol of the brand, immediately bring an awareness of what the product or service has to offer and what reputation the company may have.

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We Are the Product Branding & Product Photography Pro’s – Bottlein

Our Product Branding Approach

Most of the brands are good at speaking about themselves. Great brands inspire others to do the talking.

We aim to make brands that start the discussions. We focus on shared values, passions and beliefs, not features, messaging and differentiators. Instead of asking what an organisation does, our first question is why they do it.

Once we understand their objective, we start crafting the brand that means something to its audience. A brand which creates connection with others who share the same passions. A brand with a point of view. A brand that gets others talking.

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We are a high end branding agency and we expertise in branding of products like jewellery, fashion clothing, cosmetics, auto industry, mobile, services industry, IT Industry, film and entertainment, magazine and more.

We will handle your product or service from scratch, from sketching to real time product delivering we will make the whole process easy for you.  We follow a comprehensive branding process for our clients. Our proven process is structured, collaborative, and creative and results focused. Here is what we do for the branding of your product.


  • Market Research
  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Identity (Logo Design)
  • Graphic Design (Sketch Design, Digital Prints)
  • Advertising (Product Launching Strategy, Product Marketing)
  • Product Photography
  • Product TV Video & Ad
  • Magazine Design
  • Showroom Design (Interiors)

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Beautiful Product Photography

Photography is the soul of product branding, makes your product look enticing. Bottlein can handle all your product photography needs. Whether you need a seamless background or simple table top photography, we can take care of all the details. Using right lighting, color, and perfect product placement, our skilled product photographers create images that perfectly represent your products while emphasizing the prominent viable features of the product.




Our Product Branding & Photography Services Agency use a deep understanding of your company and your customers to make sure the emotional appeal of your brand is contributing to your company’s bottom line. Our approach helps businesses capture new customers, increase awareness, and drive the bottom-line. In short, we help you build a better, smarter, more marketable brand.

product photography india

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