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61designstreet 8 years

Graphic/Print Design for 61designstreet, the Chandigarh based Digital Web Design Agency. 61designstreet is a leading digital web design agency established in the year 2008 and has proudly completed its 8 years in this domain. We designed a wooden. The woodblock style designed graphic was designed, reflecting the spirit of craftsmanship and making. w   w   w   .  6   1   d   e   s   i   g   n   s   t   r   e   e   t   .   c   o   m

First ad with bottlein india

Happy hours bottlein

Happy hours in bottlein, Book you first ad 15 Nov to 7 Dec 2016, get 20% off. Big money gone doing same style of marketing which is giving zero results? Then it is certainly a time to change and go for an unconventional and experimental advertising approach to get noticed!! Today’s market is too competitive than ever, which is precisely why you need the right creative advertising agency in your corner. Bottlein is here to help you with everything, whether you are a startup or a fortune 50 in need of a little fine-tuning. It’s our job to tell compelling stories, develop creative advertising strategies, and build beautifully…

brand clothing photoshoot chandigarh

brand clothing photoshoot

Sony A6300 camera testing shoot in chandigarh. Awsome camera for the future photography. Black Zara clothing.  These photos are not edited much.  Brand Clothing Photography Tips & Tricks   We all know fashion keeps on changing and for setting a new trend you need to display your best work to people by which they can be impressed and influenced. This comes with a great responsibility for photographers to use different genres of media to portray their work. In this way fashion photography serve as a great help to designers who sell their apparels upfront. Fashion photography is basically focused on branding: models, location, props and other aspects of…

city palace udaipur

udaipur photography

Udaipur, Rajastan ISO (Incredible Shots of) Udaipur, Rajasthan City Palace, Traveling photography Visiting splendid Rajasthan is always an exciting experience. Enriched with glorious history and culture Rajasthan is a place that every person should once experience in a life time. Sharing some astonishing stills from our Rajasthan trip October 2016. The copper jars inside art at City Palace Rajasthan. The City Palace in Udaipur is built in a flamboyant style and is considered the largest of its type in the state of Rajasthan and this is the shot captured of the queens bedroom’s beautiful ceiling. This shot is taken from Lake Pichola which is an artificial fresh water lake…