My Goals of 2019

I am Amandeep Kaur, a very creative Vlogger, and just like any other blogger I dream of having 1lac subscribers. This is my first video and I would like to share “My Goals of 2019” and I am sure many of you would have some similar funny ones which you decide to achieve every year but haven’t been able to do so till now.

  1. Avoid
  • Just like any other girl, I am also crazy about shopping. But, recently while buying on an off season thing I realized the things we purchase on retail are way too costly as compared to the same ones bought during brand sale month. So, my first goal of 2019 is to avoid shopping from retail and buy clothes from my favorite brands during SALE TIME.
  • Using a debit card is easiest option while you are shopping or whether paying bills in a restaurant. The only realization comes when you get you mini statements showing how much you spent on foods in Cafes. So, I have thought of avoiding foods at restaurants to become healthy and financially smarter.
  • Before finalizing any decision, I often think negative , I would try my best to avoid my negative thinking and start observing my life with better and positive attitude.
  • Husband suggestions are most likely the cutest ones. But how ever hard you try, you cannot seem to buy anything unless you have asked your husband once. That’s how the love couples go, right?. But, those things bought can be opposite to what you wanted so I am going to avoid taking my hubby’s advice.
  • Spending less time over Instagram and My facebook accounts. But, you know being a blogger, its not so easy to avoid using social media.
  • Avoid my intake of green tea and its addiction.
  • Sleep early and get up early for fitness and healthy routine. And prefer to walk and avoid using car for petty works.
  • I wish to control my anger, because I think like every youngster now a days, even I am short tempered, and there is a strong need to control it.
  1. Social Targets

As from my childhood, I have been socially conscious. I would become more aware of my social responsibilities, thus making sure that I would avoid using Plastic bags when I buy anything. Not only on my individual level if I get any opportunity this year, I will make sure I would try creating such awareness among people by conducting seminars in school or college and even through social media.

  1. New Professional Goals

Since I am a V blogger, I am planning to be professionally more active by uploading at least one video a week, say on every Monday, at least 10 COMMERCIAL ADVERTIMENTS for International and National level and Design 5 dresses by the end of 2019. New look for my site ( With a beautiful studio of my own along with a perfect team of professionals, we wish to work fast in an organized and improved way.

  1. Health Goals

Eat a pizza and the next thought that comes to your mind is, I would double exercise today to burn the calories I gained from this cheese burst pizza. So is the case with me, I am not at all health conscious. In 2019, I plan to take out time from my regular professional routine and focus on Regular cycling and exercising, and try avoiding packaged food.

  1. Travel Plans

Two International Trips, one to Dubai for sure, because the surroundings of it are going to be best for shooting my videos and blogging. Second to Europe undoubedtedly, who wouldn’t want to go there, isn’t it?. But, Europe trip would be achieved only when I would have earned much to sponser my self. It can be Lombok or Bali too. Talking about domestic tours, Jaisalmer, Udaipur would be my next trip destinations in 2019 for sure, as soon as I get off from my business routine.

Thankyou for viewing my blog, I hope you liked it.

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