High End Wedding Photography Tips

Weddings are an all best way to bring together all the people that have wrought the lives of the newlyweds-to-be. But much of your wedding day lasts for a very short time, the cake, the flowers, the music — but the photographs will live on forever. You owe it to yourself (and your grandchildren!) to do everything you can to make them wonderful.

Bright colors like red, gold’s, yellow, burgundy and orange are typical of Indian weddings – and even your whole attire will be cheerful and lively – so different from Western white wedding gowns! Roses, marigolds, jasmine and other blazingly colored flowers are used in Indian wedding flower decorations, all of which will combine perfectly to make your Indian wedding a gorgeous and visually spectacular event.

So when it comes to Indian weddings you will come across a rich textile of color and celebration that helps photographers in creating a striking wedding photographs. High end weeding photography shoot can add seven stars to this special occasion. But with so many talented wedding photographers in the market today; brides, grooms and their families must be going insane trying to pick the right one for their special day.

No need to fear guys, Bottlein has a quick guide to help you out.


Most of the people have this misconception in mind that all wedding photographers and photo shoots are the same but if you dig a little deep and explore more images the differences will become very obvious. Some are best at capturing stolen glances; some excel at capturing natural movement, close-ups and shy smiles; some others are great at shooting in the evening and others give a very arty feel to the pictures.

So it’s very important for you to carefully go through the portfolio of the wedding photographer before choosing to make sure their style of picturing is what you are looking for and it’s your day so you should aim to find nothing but the best. You can browse through our professional photography gallery to explore some refined professional photography work.

Cost, skill and labor

A high end wedding photographer can take care of the most important aspects associated with wedding photography; skill, cost and labor. The photographer you choose should be aware throughout the event taking care of every detail so that anything doesn’t get missed out! That is the reason why people always fancy high end professionals for the shoot instead of newbies doing the same. In contrast to traditional wedding photos, the modern ones are full of variations. It demands specific skill sets on the part of the photographer. Spotting every elusive detail is as significant as capturing the same with perfection!


The wedding couple is the main attraction of wedding ceremony. Therefore they are the focus of the photographer too. The special day of the couple and their involvement in different activities set the mood of a wedding album. Photographers should be interactive and able to very well communicate with the couple and benefit every opportunity to shoot their activities and expressions. Apart from the couple the family and friends too are noteworthy subjects of a photographer.

Here is a small step by step checklist for you to choose your photographer:


Step1. Select 4-5 photographers based on whose photos you like and the price range that seems affordable .We recommend you don’t fuss about a price difference of few thousands. Think about it- photography is a big and most important event of your life, it is totally worth it to pay if any way you are hiring the photographer of your dreams

Step2. Do a thorough research while finding a photographer, you can visit their website to see previous examples of work.

Step3. You can schedule a meeting with them or speak to them over the phone to understand their price packages and how comfortable you feel with them. Make sure to ask them-

How many photos can you expect in your wedding film

How many photographers they bring

Do they also do album

Do they bring their own lighting equipment

Can they help in getting a videographer

Step4.: Make your point clear about what you need from them for instance:

I want a pre wedding shoot and a post wedding shoot

I want a family portrait of the entire extended family

I want bridal room, getting ready shots for bride and groom both

I want a pre bridal shoot included in the package

I want a photo-booth

Yes people, selecting a photographer is a lot more complicated that just picking up the dress or selecting the wedding card. You must be wondering why you need to go through this long drawn out process. But just consider this point, when the dances have been danced, the mehndi’s color will fade away and your lehenga has been packed away; what is it that remains? It will be the smiles, the tears and those stolen glances that have been eternalized by the men and women behind the lens.

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