Cops caught us in bali vlog 18


Day 3 in Bali Indonesia after had Balinese food from last 2 days harry wants to have Indian food so
we told to our chef to make potato prantha with wheat flour but chef was not able to arrange wheat so he bought frozen onion prantha but i cooked and ate Rice with salad.After had great healthy breakfast i went for swimming.Spent all day in Villa,Dinar Hills villa is one of the best est villa in Bali.I loved my stay here.

In evening we decided to go nusa dua, I didn’t know Nusa dua is superb and with beautiful views and beach, The restaurants near beach were superb and royal that day was Saturday so there were so many marriage ceremonies going on.

On the Way to nusa dua Police caught us for not wearing Helmet they leave us with warning. Bali Police is super nice and helping.

We went to many restaurants for find Indian restaurant but didn’t found any and had dinner at westin Nusa Dusa.They cooked Special vegetarian Food for us.

Villa – Dinar Hills (


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