brand clothing photoshoot chandigarh

brand clothing photoshoot

Sony A6300 camera testing shoot in chandigarh. Awsome camera for the future photography.
Black Zara clothing.  These photos are not edited much.
 Brand Clothing Photography Tips & Tricks


We all know fashion keeps on changing and for setting a new trend you need to display your best work to people by which they can be impressed and influenced. This comes with a great responsibility for photographers to use different genres of media to portray their work. In this way fashion photography serve as a great help to designers who sell their apparels upfront.

Fashion photography is basically focused on branding: models, location, props and other aspects of the shoot take on great connotation. The aim is to make something unique which will arrest the eye and stick in the mind of the viewer, building a unique identity that becomes attached to your product and, successively, your brand.

Clothing pictures can be a very tricky business and if it’s of a big brand then it’s a huge responsibility. The fight to eliminate or control tough shadows can seem endless, and soft, even lighting can be a really tricky.  To figure out the best way to present the clothing so it appears appealing to customers is a challenge.

Reputed fashion houses these days have got their own studios that employ specialized photographers who have implicit knowledge, are the best in taking accurate images and show confidence in their field. The sole aim is to not mislead consumers and buyers, but to show exactly what they wishes to purchase. Clothes portrayed with minimal effect give maximum exposure to the products.

Tips & Tricks for Brand Clothing Photography

First off, you need an idea to build your shoot around. You can have the best equipment, most talented photographer and the most beautiful models, but without a central, combining concept you won’t have great images.

You need to connect your brand with people. Come up with something you’re thrilled about and great images will follow. Are you an outdoor apparel brand? Shooting on location in totally bizarre places of the globe may be what you need. Are you a modern, urban apparel brand? You need to try something new & experimental.

clothing-photography creative-photography-chandigarh fashion-photographer
Photography Tools

Then most important tool which is required to get the best out of the clothing line are soft lenses of varying reflectors, degrees, tents, and strobe lights. This gives huge amount of flexibility for lighting and increases the quality of the images.

fashion-photography fashion-photoshoot


The two main techniques of clothing photography are flat or folded display and the other is a mannequin or fashion model. Shooting flat or folded clothing is easy in which you can use a horizontal tripod that can raise the camera safely and makes taking angled shots easier. If the size of apparel is extra-large, the borders are likely to inadvertently get cropped from the cameras view, as the angle is too low. For a dress you may need to raise the camera to a height of 6′ to 8′ to get the whole clear picture.

When full body shots of live models or mannequins are needed to be photographed, large lights play an indispensable role as they uniformly distribute lots of soft light on the clothing. Sometimes it is difficult to get real models for shooting photographs. It is now possible for images of designer apparel to be captured with strobe (flash) lights.

All kinds of collective and glad rags can be clicked in the studio.

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Post-production processing

After you have finished capturing the shots you can use photoshop tricks which can do many wonderful things for tweaking a final image. Use Photoshop to give shadows color for glamor, if desired, cut out background features that you don’t want, and polish the images as you like.

brand clothing photoshoot chandigarh

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