360 VR camera infographic

Infographic design work for the 360 VR camera for the mobile.

360 VR Camera Infographic | Our Infographic Illustration work for the Kickstarter campaign. Virtual Reality (VR) videos are one of the most popular futuristic technology that is getting insanely popular all over the world. In case you are not familiar, a VR video is a kind of video which gives you a real-life visual experience giving you the imprint that you are actually there at the scene.

The virtual reality videos also gives you a 360° sense of depth which allow you to look around in each and every direction you want to look. As a VR video is not the same as a conventional video, the rules for capturing a video, movement and placement of cameras are also different.

These days there are various companies and websites which support 360-degree content, including Facebook and YouTube, so you don't need a virtual reality headset, such as Oculus Rift, in order to view this type of media. All you need to do is only open Facebook or YouTube app, for instance, or point your browser to the video's URL.

Major camera manufacturers – like Nikon and GoPro- are already selling rigs specifically for recording 360-degree videos. The best ones available till date are Pocket-lint rounded ones. Some of them are extremely expensive, but there are cheaper ones also available.












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