50MM SONY LENS TESTED IN RAINY NIGHT Social Sector 7 Chandigarh VLOG 47

I bought few days ago this new 50MM SONY LENS and testing on various way in day night low light even in rain, its really producting great results as this is a low cost lens. I shoot this video in chandugarh area, and my eating place was the Social Sector 7 Chandigarh , Love this place and good food and creative resturant in chandiagarh.

My Goals of 2019

I am Amandeep Kaur, a very creative Vlogger, and just like any other blogger I dream of having 1lac subscribers. This is my first video and I would like to share “My Goals of 2019” and I am sure many of you would have some similar funny ones which you decide to achieve every year but haven’t been able to do so till now. Avoid Just like any other girl, I am also crazy about shopping. But, recently while buying on an off season thing I realized the things we purchase on retail are way too costly as compared to the same ones bought during brand sale month….

Fashion advertising work

Fashion clothing branding work

Whether you are selling school uniforms or party wear intricate gowns, your clothing brand needs perfect advertising for boosting your clothing brand. And, to fulfill your deepest desires of seeing your clothing brand become the best and the most famous among your customers, here we are, the only full service advertising agency in Chandigarh – “Bottlein” (http://www.bottlein.com/), expert in making Video Commercials, Commercial Advertising and Photography with unique creativity of our teams of professionals. We provide following services:- 1  Video Commercial Advertising For Your Fashion Brand- Social media marketing for your product branding needs short video commercials to let your consumer know intricacy of your fashion brand articles. Here is one of our recent…