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    Chandigarh - Punjab

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    Cute baby girl photography

Kids photography chandigarh


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Maira Completed her one year

Cute Little Baby Girl Maira’s First Photoshoot

Babies grow so fast, even before you know it, they are past the adorable and cuddly stage. This is one reason for the massive popularity of kids photography in recent times. But the task of finding the best kids photographer can be quite intimidating. This magical and fleeting phase of your kids age need to be captured in proper manner so you and your child can relish it in later ages of life.

We are a Chandigarh based professional photography services agency and we deal in disciplines, ranging from weddings to babies & kids, travel to fashion, celebrities to special occasions. Here we are showing some stills from kid’s photoshoot which is vibrant, joyous, heart-warming and fun at the same time. Shot in lush natural backdrops which is evocative, and captured faithfully the precious growing up years of the child.

The name of the little beauty whose photoshoot was done is Maira. She totally made the session a delightful experience and did a pretty good job without crying. Maira was totally enjoying her first shoot.
Beautiful, pretty little Maira, took a little while to warm up, but slowly she seemed to enjoy the shoot! During shoot we were in love with this her as such a good kid…Here’s a sneak peek!!!

Presentation - Photoshop - lightroom - Canon - Sony

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